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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Ceramic and porcelain tile is regarded as a long lasting and a healthy alternative for floor covering. It is odourless, wil not burn or support mould, does not gas off and will not absorb moisture. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about grout. Grout being cementatious easily absorbs moisture, oils and sugars. These residues attract dirt resulting in darkening and bacteria laden grout. When a floor is mopped, the tile gets cleaned but the rest of the soil gets dragged into the cracks where the grout is. Many methods for cleaning grout fall short because they simply cannot get in to remove soil from the grout properly and effectively. Ron Rivet Cleaning Services specializes in tile & grout cleaning. We use a system that utilizes the force of water that is applied under pressure with a controlled extraction tool that can "seek out" unwanted grime and bacteria that is hidden in microscopic pockets. This method is not only most effective but does not make a mess and is dry in very little time. We highly recommend that the grout be sealed after it has been cleaned. This will keep the grout clean and bacteria free for a longer period of time. If the grout was not sealed and a stain has set, colour sealing is recommended.

Let Ron Rivet Cleaning Services give you a demonstration to show you how your tiled & grouted floor or wall should look. You will be amazed.



                                                                    Grout sealing and colour sealing

Grout sealing after tile has been newly installed or freshly   cleaned is a very important step in keeping the grout protected from stains and soiling. Grout is very porous allowing dirt and grime to "seep" into the grout making it very difficult to clean if not protected. Not to mention unsightly.  

Colour sealing is done when certain stains have been set because the grout was not sealed and/or the material was left on it for too long a period. In this case, colour sealing will help to match grout colour. Another good reason to colour seal is if you decide that you would prefer to have a different coloured grout. Instead of removing and replacing all the grout, the grout is coloured to the colour that you choose.


Colour Sealing is different

Grout Perfect® Colour Seal has a modified-urethane base, the modification is in the hardener, specifically a concrete hardener. Since sanded grout is merely concrete with a (powder) colour added, this works perfectly to bond and fill the grouts pores and strengthen the surface. The roughness that can be felt after our process is completed are the small sand particles in the grout (concrete) protruding up from the surface of the grout; however all the concave pores are filled with our sealer to make a waterproof and air tight covering. This waterproof and airtight seal coupled with the mildicide and fungicide in the sealer when correctly applied renders the grout line mould and mildew resistant indefinitely when properly maintained



Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Ron Rivet Cleaning Services has been cleaning carpets and upholstery for over 20 years.


 Some Tile and Grout Repair

Ron Rivet Cleaning Services can use your spare tiles to do some minor repair work to your tiled and grouted floors or walls.


Natural Stone restoration and maintenance

Natural stone such as marble, granite and limestone, to name a few, add much value to your home and office. With proper care and maintenance, your natural stone floor will look beautiful for many years to come. Trust the professionals to restore and maintain your expensive natural stone floors.