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Q.Why should I hire a professional to clean my tile and grout instead of just doing it myself?

A.We specialize in tile and grout cleaning and are fully trained and educated in this field. We have also invested in the latest equipment designed specifically to clean your tile and grout which means we can clean your tile and grout effectively and efficiently with the utmost care. We also use cleaning solutions that are specifically designed to clean tile and grout not only most effectively, but more important, safely. Instead of taking all day and breaking your back cleaning it yourself, you can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching us do the work for you. Let us show you exactly what we can do. You will be glad you did.


Q.Why is it so important to seal the grout and when is the best time to have it sealed?

A. It is very important to have the grout sealed simply because grout is very porous. Since it is so porous, soil, dirt and grime can be absorbed into the grout just like a sponge absorbs water eventually breeding bacteria. A good sealer will protect against oil and water based soils preventing the dirt to set and absorb into the grout. The best time to have the grout sealed is after it has been newly installed. This step is often skipped because grout, like concrete, has a curing period. This period takes aproximately 48 to 72 hours. Many times, the installers are so busy that they do not have time to come back and seal the grout. The second best time to have the grout sealed is after it has been freshly cleaned. A proper cleaning using the proper cleaning process will remove dirt, grime and bacteria that has anchored itself into the grout thus leaving a clean, fresh, bacteria free grout. Ron Rivet Cleaning Services uses grout sealer that protects against oil and water based soils.


Q. What is the difference between sealing and colour sealing ?

A.  The sealer for a colour sealer is a special type that can accept colour pigment. The colour sealer that we use makes the grout that is sealed waterproof thus making it much easier to clean and stays looking great for years to come. Colour sealer is used when grout is so stained that the cleaning cannot remove the permanently set stains . This happens when grout was not sealed when newly installed or the sealer has been cleaned with solutions that are too harsh and deteriorated the protective value of the sealer. Another reason to colour seal the grout is when a different coloured grout is desired. Let Ron Rivet Cleaning Services help you to "put a smile on your tile".

Q.   Do you only clean tiled and grouted floors?

A. We have the tools, equipment and know-how to clean most surfaces that are tiled and grouted. These surfaces include floors, walls, backsplashes, countertops and ceilings. Different surfaces require different levels of cleaning. A tiled floor will get grime, grease and soil build-up within the grout lines.Tiled walls that are found in bathrooms usually have soap and hard water build-up. Each surface can be cleaned effectively with our process.